Put on your big kid pants and get ready for your first taste of freedom.

You are standing on the edge of the cliff that is adulthood, ready to base jump into next adventure. Satan knows the best time to attack is when you are most vulnerable. You are not a kid anymore but not quite an adult. You are about to experience your first taste of freedom. Make no mistake, the attack is coming. There is no way to dodge it. Your only option is to be prepared to through it.



"In a timely fashion Phillip has composed a much needed resource for today’s “gap-year” adolescents. Charming and conversational, Larsen has outlined the questions and concerns posed by many young adults on the fringe of Christianity. However, this book is about more than just offering seeker sensitive wisdom, what it really offers is an invitation to dialogue and transition. I greatly value this work and would suggest to anyone standing on the church’s fringe."

Zac Workun

Managing Partner, Workabul Creative

In an effort to put this material in the hands of where it is most needed One Night to Suit Up is a 1-hour special event complete with multimedia, pre-event promotion, and even follow up materials.  Previously, One Night to Suit Up has been used as both an outreach and ministry event.  In light of the fact that revenue for this project is derived largely from books sales, we now offer it with a waived speaking fee.


If parenting is something more akin to trench warfare, the Suit Up Project

gives parents ammunition to stay in the fight.

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