Staff and Collaborators

Phillip Larsen

Phillip is the lead writer and manager of Phillip Larsen Ministries. Phillip founded his ministry in 2008 and has expanded it to become an all-encompassing ministry in the Oklahoma and Texas region.

Erick Taylor

Erick is a Worship Pastor in the Oklahoma City metro. He works with Phillip in multiple worship events and collaborates on small and large-scale event planning.

Kelli Duke

Kelli is a graphic designer based out of Oklahoma City. She has worked on projects all across the Southern region and collaborates with Phillip on all the print, video and web graphics for Phillip Larsen Ministries.

Kyle Simmons

Kyle works with The OkaySee, a

t-shirt and graphics firm in Oklahoma City. Kyle handles all the t-shirt designs for Phillip Larsen Ministries.

Ryan Abernathy

Ryan is the Teaching Pastor at West Metro Community church and a managing partner in the Workabul Creative Group. Ryan collaborates with Phillip on various written and print projects.

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