What if your event was seamless?

                      What if your music matched the message??

         What if your message matched the curriculum???

                                                                   What if the t-shirts, graphics, promotion and even the recreation

                                                                   were something that contributed to your complete and cohesive event????




What if instead of a half dozen calls, you only had to make one? What if you could focus on your people and not your event? We now how the ability to make this fantasy into a reality.


We have the ability to produce excellence that can be customized to fit any budget.  Choose from our growing catalog of ready made curriculum, or request to be contacted about a fully custom, written to order event.  There are plenty of resources for curriculum, but few are offering fully customizable options.


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Put on your big kid pants and get ready for your first taste of freedom.





A new Bible Study Suite for families from

Lead Writer, Phillip Larsen.


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By Collaborating Partner, KDGraphics




Kelli Duke, Lead Designer at KDGraphics, established her graphics firm to specifically serve those that serve.


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1st Corinthians Book Series


An Expository series from

Lead Writer, Phillip Larsen.





As first seen at West Metro Community Church, this versatile piece can be used in multiple ways.


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